Take a Sip of Inspiration

Creating truly remarkable spirits is not easy, and neither is living a truly remarkable life. It is only by embracing curiosity that you can discover the magic of what lies beyond your comfort zone. So stay curious, take a sip of something inspired, and join us on our never-ending search for awe.


A new kind of spirits maker, boldly reimagining age old traditions – on a mission to inspire awe.

Our Spirits


Dare to be different

We aren’t too worried about doing things how everyone else has done them. Because that’s how everyone else has done them. We’re here to create something new. 

Unbound by Region

We’re not tethered to geographical lines. We seek out the best and most unique from all over the world because, why not?

Female Owned

And proud. This industry has been limited to the same players for long enough, we can do it too – and dare we say, better?

Blended is Brilliant

We blend because different cultures and crafts create something that is greater than the sum of its parts, period.

Our Expressions

For the Curious Spirit

We consider ourselves artists. But our art isn’t something made solely by our hands. It’s collected ingredients, stories told, and cultures blended and brought to the forefront especially for you.

Join the Adventure

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